Satisfied Interfaces: Invertable<Other>, Summable<Other>
Direct Known Satisfying Interfaces: Exponentiable<This,Other>, Integral<Other>, Scalar<Other>

Abstraction of numeric types with addition, x + y, subtraction, x - y, multiplication, x * y, and division, x / y, along with additive inverse -x.

In general, a numeric type need not define a total order. For example, complex numbers do not have a total order. Numeric types with a total order also satisfy Scalar.

By: Gavin
See also: Scalar
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dividedSource Code
shared formal Other divided(Other other)

The quotient obtained by dividing this number by the given number. For integral numeric types, this operation results in a remainder.

See also: Integral
minusSource Code
shared formal Other minus(Other other)

The difference between this number and the given number.

timesSource Code
shared formal Other times(Other other)

The product of this number and the given number.

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