Direct Known Satisfying Interfaces: Scalar<Other>

Abstraction of numbers. Binary numeric operations are defined the interface Numeric. This type defines operations which can be expressed without reference to the self type Other of Numeric.

By: Gavin
See also: Numeric, Scalar
floatSource Code
shared formal Float float

The number, represented as a Float.

fractionalPartSource Code
shared formal Number fractionalPart

The fractional part of the number, after truncation of the integral part.

integerSource Code
shared formal Integer integer

The number, represented as an Integer, after truncation of any fractional part.

magnitudeSource Code
shared formal Number magnitude

The magnitude of the number.

negativeSource Code
shared formal Boolean negative

Determine if the number is negative.

positiveSource Code
shared formal Boolean positive

Determine if the number is positive.

signSource Code
shared formal Integer sign

The sign of this number. Returns 1 if the number is positive, -1 if it is negative, or 0 if it is zero.

wholePartSource Code
shared formal Number wholePart

The integral value of the number after truncation of the fractional part.

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