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The abstract supertype of all types with a well-defined notion of identity. Values of type Identifiable may be compared using the === operator to determine if they are references to the same object instance. For the sake of convenience, this interface defines a default implementation of value equality equivalent to identity. Of course, subtypes are encouraged to refine this implementation.

By: Gavin
hashSource Code
shared actual default Integer hash

The system-defined identity hash value of the instance. Subtypes which refine equals() must also refine hash, according to the general contract defined by Object.

See also: identityHash
Refined declaration: hash
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equalsSource Code
shared actual default Boolean equals(Object that)

Identity equality comparing the identity of the two values. May be refined by subtypes for which value equality is more appropriate. Implementations must respect the constraint that if x===y then x==y (equality is consistent with identity).

Refined declaration: equals