Direct Known Satisfying Interfaces: Class<Type,Arguments>, Function<Type,Arguments>, Member<Container,Kind>

A reference to a function. The type arguments encode the function return type and parameter types. The parameter types are typically represented as a tuple type. For example, the type of the function reference plus<Float> is:


which we usually abbreviate Float(Float,Float). Any instance of Callable may be invoked by supplying a positional argument list:

Float(Float,Float) add = plus<Float>;
value four = add(2.0, 2.0);

or by supplying a tuple containing the arguments:

Float(Float,Float) add = plus<Float>;
[Float,Float] twoAndTwo = [2.0, 2.0];
value four = add(*twoAndTwo);

This interface may not be implemented by user code.

See also: Tuple
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