Emitter(Boolean pretty)
Inherited Attributes
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onBooleanSource Codeshared actual void onBoolean(Boolean v)

Called when encountering true or false.

onEndArraySource Codeshared actual void onEndArray()

Called at the end of an array.

onEndObjectSource Codeshared actual void onEndObject()

Called at the end of an object.

onKeySource Codeshared actual void onKey(String key)

Called when encountering a key within a the current object.

onNullSource Codeshared actual void onNull()

Called when encountering a null.

onNumberSource Codeshared actual void onNumber(Integer|Float n)

Called when encountering a number.

onStartArraySource Codeshared actual void onStartArray()

Called at the start of a new array. Further calls pertain to this new object until a corresponding call to Visitor.onEndArray().

onStartObjectSource Codeshared actual void onStartObject()

Prints an Object

onStringSource Codeshared actual void onString(String s)

Called when encountering a string.

printSource Codeshared formal void print(String string)

Override to implement the printing part

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