LookAhead(Iterator<T>&Positioned stream, Integer? lookAhead = 1)
  • lookAhead = 1

    The maximum number of elements we can look ahead, or null for unbounded lookahead.

columnSource Codeshared actual Integer column

The column number within the current line.

lineSource Codeshared actual Integer line

The line number within the input.

positionSource Codeshared actual Integer position

The position (in characters) within the input.

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nextSource Codeshared actual T|Finished next()

The next element, or finished if there are no more elements to be iterated.

Repeated invocations of next() for a given iterator must eventually produce any given element of the stream to which the iterator belongs. A given iterator must not produce the same element of the stream more often than the element occurs in the stream.

If an invocation of next() for a given iterator produces the value finished, then every future invocation of next() for that iterator must also produce the value finished.

An iterator for a nonfinite stream may never produce the value finished.

An iterator for a nonempty stream must produce at least one value of type Element.

peekSource Codeshared T|Finished peek(Integer n = 1)

Get the nth element ahead

  • n = 1
    • n >= 1
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