A Ceylon Iterable that adapts an instance of Java's JIterable, allowing its elements to be iterated using a for loop.

IntArray ints = ... ;
for (int in CeylonIterable(Arrays.asList(*ints.array))) {

If the given iterable contains null elements, an optional Element type must be explicitly specified, for example:


If a non-optional Element type is specified, an AssertionError will occur whenever a null value is encountered while iterating the stream.

Note: Since Ceylon 1.2.1 it is possible to use JIterable directly in a Ceylon for statement:

JavaIterable<Foo> iterable = ... ;
for (foo in iterable) {

no subtypes hierarchy

CeylonIterable(JIterable<out Element> iterable)
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iteratorSource Codeshared actual Iterator<Element> iterator()

An iterator for the elements belonging to this stream.

If this is a nonempty stream with type {Element+}, the iterator must produce at least one element.

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