Endpoint for serving Ceylon modules from repositories.

By default this will serve modules obtained from a standard RepositoryManager on the given root path. Meaning that when the root path is /modules a request for /modules/ceylon/math/2.0/ceylon.math-2.0.js will look up the ceylon.math/2.0 module on the local filesystem or will download it from the Herd if necessary and then send its JS file to the client as a response.


shared void run() { 
   value extraRepo = Collections.singletonList("/custom/path/to/modules");
   value manager = CeylonUtils

   value server = newServer {
       RepositoryEndpoint {
           root = "/modules";
           repoManager = myRepoManager;
By: Bastien Jansen, Tako Schotanus

no subtypes hierarchy

RepositoryEndpoint(String root, RepositoryManager repoManager = ...)
  • root

    The root path associated with the endpoint

  • repoManager = defaultRepoManager

    Optional RepositoryManager to use for looking up the requested modules

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