An object representing a session between a server and a client.

By: Matej Lazar

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creationTimeSource Codeshared formal Integer creationTime

Returns the time when this session was created, measured in milliseconds since midnight January 1, 1970 GMT.

idSource Codeshared formal String id

Session unique id.

lastAccessedTimeSource Codeshared formal Integer lastAccessedTime

Returns the last time the client sent a request associated with this session, as the number of milliseconds since midnight January 1, 1970 GMT, and marked by the time the container received the request.

timeoutSource Codeshared formal variable Integer? timeout

The time, in seconds, between client requests before the server will invalidate this session. A null time indicates the session should never timeout.

Inherited Attributes
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Attributes inherited from: Correspondence<Key,Item>
getSource Codeshared formal Object? get(String key)

Returns an object from the user session identified by the given key.

putSource Codeshared formal void put(String key, Object item)

Store an object to users session identified by given key.

removeSource Codeshared formal Object? remove(String key)

Removes an object from users session identified by given key.

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