Response(Integer status, String reason, Integer major, Integer minor, FileDescriptor socket, Parser parser)
  • status

    The HTTP status code

  • reason

    The HTTP reason line

  • major

    The HTTP major number

  • minor

    The HTTP major number

charsetSource Codeshared String? charset

The charset, if set. Null otherwise.

contentLengthSource Codeshared Integer? contentLength

Returns the entity Content-Length, if known. Returns null otherwise.

contentTypeSource Codeshared String? contentType

The content-type, if set. Null otherwise.

contentTypeLineSource Codeshared String? contentTypeLine

Returns the content type header, unparsed.

contentsSource Codeshared String contents

Returns the entity body as a String.

headersSource Codeshared List<Header> headers

The HTTP headers as a List

headersByNameSource Codeshared Map<String,Header> headersByName

The HTTP headers as a Map

isTextSource Codeshared Boolean isText

True if the content-type starts with text/

majorSource Codeshared Integer major

The HTTP major number

minorSource Codeshared Integer minor

The HTTP major number

reasonSource Codeshared String reason

The HTTP reason line

statusSource Codeshared Integer status

The HTTP status code

stringSource Codeshared actual String string

Builds a debugging representation of this HTTP response.

Inherited Attributes
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closeSource Codeshared void close()

Closes the underlying FileDescriptor.

definesSource Codeshared actual Boolean defines(String key)

Determines if there is a value defined for the given key.

getSource Codeshared actual Header? get(String key)

Fetches a header by name, returns null if the header does not exist.

getReaderSource Codeshared Reader getReader()

Returns a Reader for the entity body.

getSingleHeaderSource Codeshared String? getSingleHeader(String name)

Returns a single header value, if there is a single value present. Returns null if the header cannot be found or has more than one value.

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