OptionGroup(String text = "", String? id = null, Boolean? disabled = null, CssClass classNames = ..., String? style = null, {<Option|{Option*}|Snippet<Option>|Null>*} children = ...)
  • text = ""
  • id = null
  • disabled = null
  • classNames = empty
  • style = null
  • children = empty
attributesSource Codeshared actual default <String->Object>[] attributes
Refines StyledElement.attributes ultimately refines Node.attributes
childrenSource Codeshared actual {<Option|{Option*}|Snippet<Option>|Null>*} children
disabledSource Codeshared Boolean? disabled
tagSource Codeshared actual Tag tag

The tag name and type.

Refines Node.tag
textSource Codeshared actual String text
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