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A module for collections.

You can find here the following mutable collection types:

Along with concrete implementations for each:

By: Stéphane Épardaud
License: Apache Software License
groupSource Code
shared Map<Group,{Element+}> group<Group, Element>({Element*} elements, Group grouping(Element element))
given Group satisfies Object

Creates a Map that contains the Iterable's elements, grouped in Sequences under the keys provided by the grouping function.

  • grouping

    A function that returns the key under which to group the specified element.

MutableListSource Code
shared MutableList<Element>

A mutable Linked List

MutableMapSource Code
shared MutableMap<Key,Item>

Mutable map

MutableSetSource Code
shared MutableSet<Element>

Mutable set

HashMapSource Code
shared HashMap<Key,Item>

Map implementation that uses hashing

HashSetSource Code
shared HashSet<Element>

Set that uses a Hashing implementation.

LinkedListSource Code
shared LinkedList<Element>

A mutable Linked List