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List of program exit code

dependencyCycleFoundSource Code
shared Integer dependencyCycleFound 3;

Exit code returned when a dependency cycle has been found

duplicateGoalsFoundSource Code
shared Integer duplicateGoalsFound 2;

Exit code returned when multiples Goal have the same name

errorOnTaskExecutionSource Code
shared Integer errorOnTaskExecution 5;

Exit code returned when a goal's task failed

invalidGoalFoundSource Code
shared Integer invalidGoalFound 1;

Exit code returned when an invalid Goal is found

This can happen if a goal name contains forbidden characters

noGoalToRunSource Code
shared Integer noGoalToRun 4;

Exit code returned when there is no goal to be run.

This happens because no goal has been requested or because the requested goal doesn't exists.

successSource Code
shared Integer success 0;

Success exit code as per standard conventions

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