import ceylon.language.meta.declaration{ValueConstructorDeclaration}

"A model for a value constructor of a member class."
shared sealed interface MemberClassValueConstructor<in Container=Nothing, out Type=Object>
        satisfies ValueModel<Type> & Qualified<ValueConstructor<Type>, Container> {
    "This value's declaration."
    shared formal actual ValueConstructorDeclaration declaration;
    "This value's closed type."
    shared formal actual MemberClass<Container, Type> type;
    "The class containing this constructor; the type of instances produced 
     by this constructor."
    shared actual formal ClassModel<Type> container;
    "Binds this attribute to the given container instance. The instance type is checked at runtime."
    throws(`class StorageException`,
        "If this attribute is not stored at runtime, for example if it is neither shared nor captured.")
    shared actual formal ValueConstructor<Type> bind(Anything container);