A type parameter declaration.

no type hierarchy

no subtypes hierarchy

caseTypesSource Codeshared formal OpenType[] caseTypes

The of enumerated bounds for this type parameter.

containerSource Codeshared formal NestableDeclaration container

The declaration that declared this type parameter. This is either a ClassOrInterfaceDeclaration or a FunctionDeclaration.

defaultTypeArgumentSource Codeshared formal OpenType? defaultTypeArgument

This type parameter's default type argument, if it has one.

defaultedSource Codeshared formal Boolean defaulted

True if this type parameter has a default type argument and can be omitted.

satisfiedTypesSource Codeshared formal OpenType[] satisfiedTypes

The satisfies upper bounds for this type parameter.

varianceSource Codeshared formal Variance variance

This type parameter's variance, as defined by in or out keywords.

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