actualSource Codeshared actual Boolean actual

True if this declaration is annotated with actual.

containerSource Codeshared actual NestableDeclaration|Package container

This declaration's immediate container, which can be either a NestableDeclaration or a Package.

containingModuleSource Codeshared actual Module containingModule

This declaration's module container.

containingPackageSource Codeshared actual Package containingPackage

This declaration's package container.

defaultSource Codeshared actual Boolean default

True if this declaration is annotated with default.

formalSource Codeshared actual Boolean formal

True if this declaration is annotated with formal.

sharedSource Codeshared actual Boolean shared

True if this declaration is annotated with shared.

toplevelSource Codeshared actual Boolean toplevel

True if this declaration is a toplevel declaration.

variableSource Codeshared formal ValueDeclaration variable

The variable value this setter is for.

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