A module declaration from a module.ceylon compilation unit

no type hierarchy

no subtypes hierarchy

dependenciesSource Codeshared formal Import[] dependencies

The modules this module depends on.

membersSource Codeshared formal Package[] members

The package members of the module.

versionSource Codeshared formal String version

The module version.

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findImportedPackageSource Codeshared formal Package? findImportedPackage(String name)

Finds a package by name in this module or in its dependencies. Note that all transitive shared dependencies are searched. Returns null if not found.

findPackageSource Codeshared formal Package? findPackage(String name)

Finds a package by name. Returns null if not found.

findServiceProvidersSource Codeshared formal {Service*} findServiceProviders<Service>(ClassOrInterface<Service> service)

Find providers of the given service type.

Returns all the service providers accessible to this module that:

  • are annotated with the service annotation, and
  • have the given class or interface as argument to the service annotation.

The returned service providers will be returned in an unspecified and platform-dependent order.

A provider usually does not provide the underlying functionality itself, but:

  • provides sufficient information to allow clients to decide which provider is best able to satisfy its needs, and
  • provides a means to access the underlying functionality (for example, by serving as a factory).
  • service

    The service type.

resourceByPathSource Codeshared formal Resource? resourceByPath(String path)

Searches for a resource by its path inside the module.

Since 1.1.0
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