The declaration model of a class that has a parameter list rather than explicit constructors. For example:

class Color(Integer rgba) {

Such classes have a meaningful parameter list and for abstraction purposes have a single defaultConstructor representing the class' parameter list and the class initializer code. This “constructor” will have the same SharedAnnotation, DeprecationAnnotation and ThrownExceptionAnnotation annotations as the class, but will have no other annotations.

Since 1.2.0

no type hierarchy

no subtypes hierarchy

defaultConstructorSource Codeshared formal CallableConstructorDeclaration defaultConstructor

A CallableConstructorDeclaration representing the class initializer.

parameterDeclarationsSource Codeshared formal FunctionOrValueDeclaration[] parameterDeclarations

The list of parameter declarations for this class.

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annotatedConstructorDeclarationsSource Codeshared formal CallableConstructorDeclaration[] annotatedConstructorDeclarations<Annotation>()
given Annotation satisfies AnnotationType

Returns the list of constructors declared on this class that are annotated with the given Annotation type argument. This includes unshared constructors.

constructorDeclarationsSource Codeshared actual default [CallableConstructorDeclaration+] constructorDeclarations()

A singleton sequence containing the defaultConstructor.

getConstructorDeclarationSource Codeshared actual default CallableConstructorDeclaration? getConstructorDeclaration(String name)

Looks up a constructor declaration directly declared on this class, by name. Returns null if no such constructor matches. This includes unshared constructors but not inherited constructors (since constructors are not members).

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