A file packaged within a module. A Resource may be obtained by calling Module.resourceByPath(), passing a path that identifies the resource file.

The resource file itself must be placed in a resource directory at compilation time, in a subdirectory corresponding to the module to which the resource belongs. The compiler is responsible for packaging the resource file in a location accessible to the program at runtime:

  • In the case of a module compiled for execution on the JVM, the resource file will be included in the .car archive.
  • In the case of compilation to JavaScript, the resource file will be copied to a module-resources directory in the module repository.

Suppose the following code occurs in a module named com.redhat.example:

assert (exists resource 
   = `module`.resourceByPath("file.txt"));

Then the resource named file.text should be placed in the subdirectory com/redhat/example/ of the resource directory.

Paths with no leading / are relative to the module's subdirectory of the resource directory. Alternatively, a resource may be identified by a fully-qualified path beginning with /, for example:

assert (exists resource 
   = `module`.resourceByPath("/com/redhat/example/file.txt"));
By: Enrique Zamudio
Since 1.1.0

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nameSource Codeshared default String name

The name of the resource; usually the filename.

sizeSource Codeshared formal Integer size

The size of the resource, in bytes.

stringSource Codeshared actual String string

A developer-friendly string representing the instance. Concatenates the name of the concrete class of the instance with the hash of the instance. Subclasses are encouraged to refine this implementation to produce a more meaningful representation.

uriSource Codeshared formal String uri

The full path to the resource, expressed as a URI. For a resource packaged within a module archive, this includes both the path to the module archive file, and the path of the resource within the module archive.

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textContentSource Codeshared formal String textContent(String encoding = ...)

Retrieves the contents of the resource as a String, using the specified encoding.

  • encoding = "UTF-8"
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