An open class or interface, with open type arguments.

For example, List<T> is an open interface type, with a type argument which is the OpenTypeVariable T.

no type hierarchy

declarationSource Codeshared formal ClassOrInterfaceDeclaration declaration

The class or interface declaration for this open type.

extendedTypeSource Codeshared formal OpenClassType? extendedType

The extended type of this open type.

satisfiedTypesSource Codeshared formal OpenInterfaceType[] satisfiedTypes

The satisfied types of this open type.

typeArgumentListSource Codeshared formal OpenType[] typeArgumentList

The list of open type arguments.

Since 1.2.0
typeArgumentWithVarianceListSource Codeshared formal OpenTypeArgument[] typeArgumentWithVarianceList

The list of open type arguments with use-site variance.

Since 1.2.0
typeArgumentWithVariancesSource Codeshared formal Map<TypeParameter,OpenTypeArgument> typeArgumentWithVariances

The map of type parameter declaration to open type arguments and use-site variance.

Since 1.2.0
typeArgumentsSource Codeshared formal Map<TypeParameter,OpenType> typeArguments

The map of open type arguments.

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