Abstraction of additive numeric types which support a unary operation -x producing the additive inverse of x. Every Invertible type supports a binary subtraction operation x-y.

Integer negativeOne = -1;
Float delta = x-y;

A concrete class that implements this interface should be a mathematical group. That is, it should have an additive identity, denoted 0, and satisfy:

  • 0+x == x+0 == x
  • x + -x == 0

Subtraction must be defined so that it is consistent with the additive inverse:

  • x - y == x + -y
By: Gavin
See also Integer, Float

no type hierarchy

negatedSource Codeshared formal Other negated

The additive inverse of this value.

Since 1.1.0
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minusSource Codeshared default Other minus(Other other)

The difference between this number and the given number. Must produce the value x + -y.

Since 1.1.0
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