"Print a line to the standard output of the virtual machine 
 process, printing the given value\'s `string`, or `<null>` 
 if the value is `null`.
 This function is a shortcut for:
     process.writeLine(line?.string else \"<null>\")
 and is intended mainly for debugging purposes."
see (`function process.writeLine`)
by ("Gavin")
shared void print(Anything val) 
        => process.writeLine(stringify(val));

"Print multiple values to the standard output of the virtual 
 machine process as a single line of text, separated by a
 given character sequence."
by ("Gavin")
see (`function process.write`)
shared void printAll({Anything*} values,
        "A character sequence to use to separate the values"
        String separator=", ") {
    variable value first = true;
    values.each((element) {
        if (first) {
            first = false;
        else {

String stringify(Anything val) => val?.string else "<null>";