A callable constructor model represents the model of a Ceylon class constructor that you can invoke and inspect


As with Function you can also invoke a CallableConstructor, doing so instantiates an instance:

 shared class Foo {
     shared String name;
     shared new foo(String name) {
         this.name = name;

 void test() {
 Constructor<Foo,[String]> ctor = `Foo.foo`;
 // This will print: Stef


This class inherits Generic but a constructor in Ceylon cannot have a type parameters. For symmetry with CallableConstructorDeclaration.apply() the Generic.typeArguments and Generic.typeArgumentList refer to the type arguments of the constructor's class.

Since 1.2.0

no type hierarchy

no subtypes hierarchy

containerSource Codeshared formal ClassModel<Type,Nothing>? container

The class containing this constructor; the type of instances produced by this constructor.

Refines Model.container ultimately refines Declared.container
declarationSource Codeshared formal CallableConstructorDeclaration declaration

This constructor's declaration.

typeSource Codeshared formal ClassModel<Type,Nothing> type

This function's return closed type.

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