A class model represents the model of a Ceylon class that you can instantiate and inspect.

A class is a toplevel type, declared on a package.

This is a ClassModel that you can also invoke to instantiate new instances of the class:

shared class Foo(String name){
    shared String hello => "Hello "+name;

void test(){
    Class<Foo,[String]> c = `Foo`;
    // This will print: Hello Stef

no type hierarchy

no subtypes hierarchy

defaultConstructorSource Codeshared formal CallableConstructor<Type,Arguments>? defaultConstructor

A model of the default constructor (for a class with constructors) or class initializer (for a class with a parameter list), or null if the class has constructors, but lacks a default constructor.

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getConstructorSource Codeshared formal CallableConstructor<Type,Arguments>|ValueConstructor<Type>? getConstructor<Arguments>(String name)

The constructor with the given name, or null if this class lacks a constructor of the given name.

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