Represents a collection which maps keys to items, where a key can map to at most one item. Each such mapping may be represented by an Entry.

A Map is a Collection of its Entrys, and a Correspondence from keys to items.

The presence of an entry in a map may be tested using the in operator:

if ("lang"->"en_AU" in settings) { ... }

The entries of the map may be iterated using for:

for (key->item in settings) { ... }

The item for a key may be obtained using the item operator:

String lang = settings["lang"] else "en_US";

Keys are compared for equality using Object.equals() or There may be at most one entry per key.

no type hierarchy

hashSource Codeshared actual default Integer hash

The hash value of the value, which allows the value to be an element of a hash-based set or key of a hash-based map. Implementations must respect the constraint that:

  • if x==y then x.hash==y.hash.

Therefore, a class which refines Object.equals() must also refine hash.

Refines Object.hash
itemsSource Codeshared default Collection<Item> items

A Collection containing the items stored in this map. An element can be stored under more than one key in the map, and so it can occur more than once in the resulting collection.

keysSource Codeshared actual default Collection<Key> keys

A Collection containing the keys of this map.

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cloneSource Codeshared formal Map<Key,Item> clone()

A shallow copy of this collection, that is, a collection with identical elements which does not change if this collection changes. If this collection is immutable, it is acceptable to return a reference to this collection. If this collection is mutable, a newly instantiated collection must be returned.

containsSource Codeshared actual default Boolean contains(Object entry)

Determines if the given value is an Entry belonging to this map.

See also defines()
Refines Collection.contains ultimately refines Category.contains
definesSource Codeshared formal Boolean defines(Object key)

Determines if there is an entry in this map with the given key.

See also contains()
equalsSource Codeshared actual default Boolean equals(Object that)

Two maps are considered equal iff they have the same entry sets. The entry set of a Map is the set of Entrys belonging to the map. Therefore, the maps are equal iff they have same set of keys, and for every key in the key set, the maps have equal items.

filterKeysSource Codeshared default Map<Key,Item> filterKeys(Boolean filtering(Key key))

Produces a map by applying a filtering() function to the keys of this map. This is a lazy operation, returning a view of this map.

  • filtering

    The predicate function that filters the keys of this map, determining if there is a corresponding entry in the resulting map.

getSource Codeshared formal Item? get(Object key)

Returns the item of the entry with the given key, or null if there is no entry with the given key in this map.

mapItemsSource Codeshared default Map<Key,Result> mapItems<Result>(Result mapping(Key key, Item item))
given Result satisfies Object

Produces a map with the same keys as this map. For every key, the item is the result of applying the given transformation function to its associated item in this map. This is a lazy operation, returning a view of this map.

  • mapping

    The function that transforms a key/item pair of this map, producing the item of the resulting map.

patchSource Codeshared default Map<Key|OtherKey,Item|OtherItem> patch<OtherKey, OtherItem>(Map<OtherKey,OtherItem> other)
given OtherKey satisfies Object
given OtherItem satisfies Object

Produces a map whose keys are the union of the keys of this map, with the keys of the given map. For any given key in the resulting map, its associated item is the item associated with the key in the given map, if any, or the item associated with the key in this map otherwise.

That is, for any key in the resulting patched map:

map.patch(other)[key] == other[key] else map[key]

This is a lazy operation producing a view of this map and the given map.

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