Satisfied Interfaces: Enumerable<Other>, Invertable<Other>, Numeric<Other>, Ordinal<Other>, Summable<Other>
Direct Known Satisfying Classes: Integer

Abstraction of integral numeric types. That is, types with no fractional part, including Integer. The division operation for integral numeric types results in a remainder. Therefore, integral numeric types have an operation to determine the remainder of any division operation.

By: Gavin
See also: Integer
unitSource Code
shared formal Boolean unit

Determine if the number is one.

zeroSource Code
shared formal Boolean zero

Determine if the number is zero.

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dividesSource Code
shared Boolean divides(Other other)

Determine if this number is a factor of the given number.

remainderSource Code
shared formal Other remainder(Other other)

The remainder, after dividing this number by the given number.

See also: Numeric.divided
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