CeylonStringMutableMap(MutableMap<JString,Item> map)
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clearSource Codeshared actual void clear()

Remove every entry from this map, leaving an empty map with no entries.

cloneSource Codeshared actual CeylonStringMutableMap<Item> clone()

A shallow copy of this collection, that is, a collection with identical elements which does not change if this collection changes. If this collection is immutable, it is acceptable to return a reference to this collection. If this collection is mutable, a newly instantiated collection must be returned.

Refines CeylonStringMap.clone ultimately refines Collection.clone
putSource Codeshared actual Item? put(String key, Item item)

Set the item associated with the given key to the given item. If there is already an item associated with this key, replace the association. Otherwise, create a new association.

For any instance c of KeyedCorrespondenceMutator, c.put(key, item) may be written using the item and assignment operators:

c[key] = item
removeSource Codeshared actual Item? remove(String key)

Remove the entry associated with the given key, if any, from this map, returning the value no longer associated with the given key, if any, or null if there was no entry associated with the given key.

Refines MutableMap.remove ultimately refines MapMutator.remove
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