CeylonMutableSet(JSet<Element> set)
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addSource Codeshared actual Boolean add(Element element)

Add the given element to this set, returning true if the element was not already a member of this set, or false otherwise.

clearSource Codeshared actual void clear()

Remove every element from this set, leaving an empty set with no elements.

cloneSource Codeshared actual MutableSet<Element> clone()

A shallow copy of this collection, that is, a collection with identical elements which does not change if this collection changes. If this collection is immutable, it is acceptable to return a reference to this collection. If this collection is mutable, a newly instantiated collection must be returned.

Refines CeylonSet.clone ultimately refines Collection.clone
removeSource Codeshared actual Boolean remove(Element element)

Remove an element from this set, returning true if the element was previously a member of the set.

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